The New Coronavirus Mutated in Spain to Avoid a Repeat of History. Britain, France, Italy and Germany Opened the Blockade Policy Again

New coronavirus mutates in Spain

During the Halloween season, according to the TIMES, Britain will vote in Parliament next week. Due to the outbreak of the epidemic, Britain will choose to enter the national blockade again ahead of schedule, which is expected to last until early December. This will be another important western country after successive blockades by Germany, France and Italy. The main reason for European countries’ concern is that 46% of the new confirmed cases in the world came from Europe last week, and a third of the deaths also came from Europe. According to a scientific report, most of the new coronavirus cases in Europe actually come from a mutated coronavirus. This virus may have risen directly in Spain, which is also one of the important reasons why the new coronavirus is difficult to control in Europe and has a very high mortality rate!


Fear of history repeating itself

The new crown epidemic reminds many people of the Spanish flu outbreak in modern human history. At that time, the Spanish flu originated on American farms. As the United States sent soldiers to Europe to participate in World War I, it also brought the Spanish flu virus with it. When we arrived in Europe, the countries participating in World War I, such as Britain, France and Germany, adopted a method of concealment in order to prevent the flu from destroying the morale of the front. However, Spain, a neutral country in the First World War, continued to broadcast the death toll from the flu. Eight million people were infected with the flu, so it was eventually classified as Spanish flu. The biggest feature of the Spanish flu is that after the second wave of mutations, the Spanish flu is even more fierce. The number of young and middle-aged people who died was the majority. Compared with the 10 million deaths in World War I, the number of deaths caused by the Spanish flu was 50 million. ~100 million people. The new crown virus is raging in Europe this time, Spain is also the hardest hit area, and the mutated virus has also been confirmed in Spain, with historical lessons, so European countries are afraid of history repeating themselves, so they appear more cautious when dealing with the second wave of new crown epidemics , No country and scientific researchers recommend the use of herd immunity to combat the new coronavirus.


Data comparison of three waves of Spanish influenza

After experiencing human awareness of the new coronavirus,although the current human biomedical technology is much stronger than that of the Spanish flu that was popular a hundred years ago, through nearly a year of understanding of the new coronavirus, it lies between the hidden and asymptomatic nature of the new coronavirus According to the ratio, the spread of the new coronavirus is stronger, and even a Russian researcher specifically infected himself with the new coronavirus, confirming that the new coronavirus can be infected twice or three times, which also shows that the vaccine is very effective, and the Spanish flu is the first. The stage occurred in the spring of 1918, and it was basically just a common influenza with little impact, and then disappeared briefly. The most impactful is the second wave of Spanish flu that occurred in the fall of 1918. It was the wave with the highest mortality rate. At that time, the influenza virus broke through the human immune system and caused the Spanish flu to raging again. The completion of the breakthrough will result in the emergence of a more virulent virus. As the human immune system adapts to the second wave of Spanish flu, one year later, the third wave of influenza occurred in the winter of 1919, and the third wave of Spanish flu has a mortality rate between the Between wave one and wave two!

Therefore, although the new crown epidemic has been effectively suppressed in China, it must not be taken lightly. After all, with history as a mirror, the Spanish flu is the best textbook for epidemic history!

Post time: Nov-03-2020